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Meet the Team: Wendy Gibson

We sat down with Wendy Gibson, Chief Marketing Officer for Skyline Exhibits and BrandSync Events. We covered a lot of ground, including the importance of engagement, event strategy for younger workers, marketing to women, and more ...

Meet The Team: Mac MacKenzie

The foundation of Mac’s approach to event production is creating an experience for our clients that is uniquely tailored to meet their needs. He believes in simplifying the process, making it not only efficient but enjoyable. Simpler, Faster, Easier.

Meet the Team: Don Moss

Don Moss is the Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of BrandSync. As ECD, Don is responsible for the strategic and concept development, continuity and overall impact of BrandSync’s work. His experience includes award-winning brand experience design, transformative events and interactive media for global brands on six continents.