Come together

The Art and Science of Connecting People

Creating Connections

We sat down with Jim Thornton, Vice President of Sales at BrandSync Events to discuss community building, the value of listening, and BrandSync’s latest effort to bring people together. Jim explains "SyncUps" and shares his take-aways and lessons learned so far.

Convening, Connecting, and Collaborating: How Women are Leading the Evolution of the Events Industry

Explore the multi-faceted appeal and benefits of the events industry, where women are taking the lead and making a significant impact. Wendy Gibson, Skyline CMO, Mindy Feih, Skyline VP of Sales, and Erica Rosendahl, Skyline Managing Director share their experiences in the events industry and what has helped them succeed throughout their careers.

Straight From the HeART: What Live Events Can Learn from Great Art About Connecting with Audiences

How can corporate communicators follow in the footsteps of great artists? What can a corporate brand create in the live expo and show space to effectively bring people into its inner life, build followers, and, subsequently, passion and devotion?

futureSync: A Remarkable Evening of Innovation and Connection

futureSync was more than just a gathering; it was an exploration of the future of the marketing and events industry, facilitated by intimate discussions, an inspiring keynote, and a delightful dinner.

Come Together: The Power of Connecting People Through Experiences

It’s May 2023. Yvonne Brewer walks into the ballroom of her automotive company’s first in-person sales meeting since the pandemic. She feels like she’s Dorothy, just landed in Oz. Energetic, excited, engaged. Not only because she’s surrounded by colleagues and friends but because the meeting itself feels different than meetings used to feel. More interactive, more personal, more in sync. She realizes now how much she’s missed this.